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What do you want to be?

Find a job as a developer

100% of our bootcamp graduates successfully land a new job in the first 3 months after the course.

Become qualified for a junior developer position in a tech company of your choice.

Recommended track: full-time in-person JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp.


Get the practical skills you need to start working remotely in the in-demand field of Web Development.

A solid portfolio with your own completed apps and our personlised guidance on preparing for a new career.

Recommended track: in-person or online JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp.

Build your own product

Got a great idea but not quite sure how to build it? Tackle the development yourself and acquire lifelong skills in the process.

Once your project takes off, you will also be able to hire, test and manage developers.

Recommended track: in-person or online JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp for web or mobile apps; WordPress course for the custom websites.

Learn extra skills for your current job

Already got the job of your dreams but want to be better at it by learning the tech behind it? We can help you with that.

Gain valuable insight on building web and mobile apps and manage your dev team better with ourJavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp.

Working with WordPress? We've got a course that will help you build better websites.

We also offer custom courses for teams with specific needs.

Successful Outcomes

student one

Ting Liu

Junior Developer at Metro AG, Berlin

"I made an extra studying plan, I spent 1-2 hours a day at home readong some programming-related articles to help myself understand the code better"

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student two

Ross Fleming

Front-End Developer at Raet, Madrid

"If you put in 100% of yourself, you get the same in return and you can start looking for your new job as a developer. It took me just over one month to find a job, it is incredible. To those who have never had experience of intensive training, bootcamps can seem to be some kind of wizard school"

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student three

Mike Sullivan

Developer at Green Power Monitor, Barcelona

"For me it was cool to learn something that I'm interested in from experts, it was also nice to know that if you didn't understand something or needed clarification that you could just ask a question and get quite a detailed response"

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How are we different?

Outstanding Curriculum

We teach JavaScript, Node, Express, React.js, React Native, MongoDB, Meteor. The curriculum is being constantly updated and improved based on th latest tendencies and job market demand. We only teach stuff you will need to use on a daily basis an we go all the way into it.

We know how to teach

Our instructors are not only highly qualified developers but also skillful mentors who did go through the coding bootcamp in the past and experienced this from the students perspective as well. On top of that we use a unique student-driven approach leaving nobody behind.

Small Groups

We have one of the best students/mentors ratio thanks to the small size of the group to make sure that everybody gets help and support which is crucial for moving forward in a fast paced learning process.

Real Job Support

We help you to prepare for landing the job through job market workshops and mock interviews. After the bootcamp ends we work with the graduates until they secure a Job within one of our amazing hiring partners.